1. Recursion vs Iterative

The concept of Recursion and Iteration is to execute a set of instructions repeatedly. The difference between them is that recursion is simply a method call in which the method being called is the same as the one making the call while iteration is when a loop is repeatedly executed until a certain condition is met. Under the hood, both recursion and iteration depends on a condition so as to know when to stop but recursion is simply a process, always applied to a function.

An example of recursion is shown below:

1. Why we Should Learn React Js
ReactJS presents graceful solutions to some of the front-end programming’s most persistent issues. It’s fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that’s rapidly growing. There’s never been a better time to learn React.

You’ll develop a strong understanding of React’s most essential concepts: JSX, class and function components, props, state, lifecycle methods, and hooks. You’ll be able to combine these ideas in React’s modular programming style.

I’ve been using React for over a year now. I’m also conducting training to help people learn it from scratch. I noticed that in…

JavaScript is Everywhere. Millions of webpages are built on JavaScript and it’s not going anywhere at least for now. On one side HTML and CSS give styling to the web pages but on the other side, it’s the magic of JavaScript that makes your web page alive. Today this language is not just limited to your web browser. You can also use it for server-side applications. Isn’t it cool to use a single language for both client-side and server-side applications? A single language fulfills both of the purposes and this is the main reason TON of job posting is there…

There are four type of array method in JavaScript like Add/Remove Items, Searching in Array, Transform the array, Iterate over elements, Additional

Add/Remove Items

  1. push(…items) Adds items to the end. Example: const fruits = [“Banana”, “Orange”, “Apple”, “Mango”];
  2. pos() Extract an item from the end. Example: const fruits = [“Banana”, “Orange”, “Apple”, “Mango”];
  3. shift() Extract an item from the beginning. Example: const fruits = [“Banana”, “Orange”, “Apple”, “Mango”];
  4. unshift() Adds item from the beginning. Example: const fruits = [“Banana”, “Orange”, “Apple”, “Mango”];
  5. splice(pos, deleteCount, ….items) At index pos delete deleteCount elements and insert items. Example: const…

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